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Modular Kitchen Designs to make your cooking space more special than ever!

Kitchen is the place where we spend a lovely time with all our family together, munching on our favourite meals. You want your modular kitchen to be designed according to your specific needs. Some need their cooking space while some prefer a more extensive storage space. Whatever your need be, we will customise the perfect modern kitchen designs for you!

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How to Plan Your Dream Modular Kitchen

The best design always stands the test of time and never fails in style or performance. We can effortlessly change some elements of the home interior but there are certain elements we need to be sure about its lifespan. Kitchen designing is one of those.A well organised kitchen makes your everyday a better experience where cooking is a celebration. Kitchen is considered to be the heart of home and if you are looking for online interior design services, you need to consider few principles to combine form with function.

Type of Modular Kitchens

L-Shaped Kitchen– One of the most efficient types of kitchen, it allows you to do all your chores without having to move too much. L-shaped modular kitchen design works great in small spaces and provides space to fit in a small dining table as well.

U-Shaped Kitchen– If you have a big kitchen space, U-shaped modular kitchen design is for you. It provides ample of storage space, working space on all the 3 sides as well as moving space to more than one cook.Straight Kitchen– Straight modular kitchen is good for small studio apartments with minimal space. It provides maximum efficiency. You can explore modular kitchen for small space in Jaipur by Fanusta.
Parallel Kitchen– Parallel modular kitchen design is good when you have at least 4 feet of space between the two sides to work conveniently and require a lot of storage space.
Island Kitchen– If you are looking for latest modular kitchen designs and you have lavish space, island modular kitchen is the best pick for you. The island counter can be used to work, cook or as a dining space. Open modular kitchen is also a great option when you have to combine it with your living area.
While the type of kitchen enhances your working experience, the choice of the material of modular kitchen cabinets, countertops and their finishes play an important role to showcase your design aesthetics. Here are some materials and finishes for latest modular kitchen furniture and modular kitchen cabinets in Jaipur and modular kitchen cabinets in Pune.
Acrylic Modular Kitchen– One of the most popular choice, Acrylic cabinets and countertops are durable, highly resistant and stylish. Choose your perfect acrylic kitchen by Fanusta which is the best modular kitchen dealers in Jaipur and provides best modular kitchen design in Pune and modular kitchen design in Jaipur.
Laminated Kitchen– The best suited for Indian styles and climate, laminated modular kitchen worktops come in different forms like granite, wood and quartz. Laminate finishes are highly durable, moisture resistant, easy to maintain and also comes in a vast number of modern colors and design. Depending on the usage of kitchen, one can go for matt finish laminates, gloss finish laminates, acrylic finish laminates to textured laminates.
Wood Veneer Kitchen– If you want to give a refined look to your kitchen space with natural beauty of wood, this modern kitchen design is for you. Veneered cabinets or wooden kitchen cabinets are highly durable and easy to clean. Fanusta provides one of the best modular kitchen services in Jaipur and modular kitchen services in Pune.
Lacquered Kitchen– Lacquered cabinets exude luxury and are a strikingly beautiful addition to the kitchen interior with a modern edge. These kitchen cabinets are highly durable and easy to clean. You can skip the heavy hardware to let the lacquered finish cabinets anchor the space. You can also go for kitchen cabinet design that sports a matt finish to add a different texture to the space. And if you are looking for a more contemporary kitchen design, high-gloss kitchen cabinetry can work as a stylish backdrop giving it a glamorous appeal.


One can pick the perfect countertop surface from all the trendy options out there by knowing the pros and cons of all surface materials.


Classy and timeless, marble is a quite expensive material which is porous, meaning it will stain and it needs to be resealed every 1-2 years. A sleek marble countertop can be enhanced with shiny hardware and lacquered cabinets.


It is a low-maintenance surface material which is stain, heat and stain resistant. It can be paired with wooden kitchen cabinets to ensure that this latest kitchen design has just the right mix of polish and matte.


It comes in a wide range of colors and variations. It is easy to clean and does not stain.


This natural stone comes in multiple color variations. It is heat resistant and requires high maintenance.

Hardware & Accessories

From classic and ornate to sleek and modern, hardware can enhance the entire look of the modular kitchen. Right choice of kitchen drawers like pantry unit, cutlery unit, pull down unit to selection of knobs, everything plays an important role to enhance the beauty and function of kitchen. A great choice for modern latest modular kitchen design is to go with cut-out pulls for a minimalist feel.
Similarly, when it comes to appliances, concealed appliances help to enhance the space rather than intrude into other spaces and give it a finished, refined look. Built-in appliances like built-in microwave, built-in refrigerator, built-in ovens, hob, chimney and dishwasher have now become a part of modern kitchen. To provide you best built-in kitchen appliances and kitchen interior design, we use Glen built-in appliances, Hettich modular kitchen, Hettich fittings, hettich hinges and hettich drawers.

Latest Modular Kitchen Trends

Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen

An interesting trend creeping into kitchen design lately is the use of stainless steel in the form of countertops and shutters to inject a little bit of that industrial feel. They are durable, easy to clean, heat resistant and surprisingly versatile. They play nice with wood and concrete material if you do not wish to go with one material all the way.

Handleless Kitchen

Handleless kitchen cabinets make the space look minimal and bigger, evoking a sense of luxury. One can go for high-gloss cabinets without handles to create a stunning ultra-modern look.

What makes a smart modular kitchen?

Working triangle

While designing the kitchen one important thing to keep in mind is the working triangle principle which suggests cook top, sink and the refrigerator are placed in triangular position. It provides you the most efficient layout for using your kitchen.

Built-in Appliances

Completely built-in appliances in modular kitchen designs have become popular because they give the kitchen uncluttered minimalist look, saves a lot of space and make smaller kitchens seem bigger.
If you are looking for manufacturers of modular kitchen or want to buy modular kitchens online in India for completely bespoke kitchen interior design or kitchen furniture, Indesign by Fanusta is the place for you. We provide one of the best modular kitchen in Jaipur and best modular kitchen in Pune with bespoke designs that will work with your lifestyle every step of the way.