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New Trends in Wardrobe Design that will make your heart flatter

If you are someone who lives by latest fashion, then these new trends in wardrobe design are definitely for you. Wardrobes are something that occupies maximum space in a bedroom, and therefore their look should be eye-catching and surely more than ordinary. The beauty of contemporary wardrobes lies in their compact look, they give an aesthetic beauty to the room.

There is a lot of material available in the market you can choose the closets which are modern in look and have elegant wardrobe design. Wardrobes are actually an idea that one can modify in any way.

Our interior design services in Jaipur can help you to find the correct wardrobe design that will make your heart flatter. Here are the latest and trendy wardrobe designs for the ideal homes of today.

1. Glass wardrobe design

If you like special and stand-out features, then glass wardrobes are a must! With their flawless finishes and elegant appearance, this spectacular pattern is looking to take over houses. Take a look at this set of styles for your home with glass wardrobes. To keep all your clothing, shoes and more, supersize your closet! So glass wardrobes send you a preview of your choices for the day if you have several apparels and basics.

Instead of all your wardrobe with a glass door you can also have just a two door wardrobe with plain glass shutters, that can make easy to store your prized possessions. Books, fashion accessories, shoes, and even photos can find their place in this design, apart from all your clothing and accessories. In fact if your home has a space for walk-in closet , you can even get stunning frosted glass shutters that allow a glimpse of your gear. Frosted glass acts as a perfect see-through shutter, while it still keeps clothes clean and safe from the dust.

Most importantly when you are thinking of a large wardrobe, glass wardrobe breaks the monotony with its graceful appearance. This trend of glam and glare is widely used in modular wardrobes in Jaipur.


2. Luxury patterns on wardrobes

Break away from the conventional ways of using a single colour of laminate, veneer, acrylic or paint on the wardrobes. Instead of wondering what shade of polish or which type of ply usually fits your bedroom wardrobe designs, go a different route by adding an unconventional finish to the front of your doors. There are many luxury patterns available for you to choose from as per the vibe your room. Adding luxury patterns can make your wardrobe look more professionally designed. These luxury patterns are big enough design statement that everything else can be simple and minimalist, which is a huge benefit of these patterns.

The kind of wardrobe mural you should get will vary depending on the size and design of you space. It will also depend on the pattern and colours you select. There are plenty of choices to choose from before choosing to decorate the space with luxury pattern, whether you are intending to decorate a coat closet for your entryway, a large shared walk-in closet in the master bedroom, or your own wardrobe. For optimum effect, a smaller space calls for thin, tight-knit patterns. In contrast, larger-scale designs and textures would need a larger wardrobe.

Choose a wardrobe design for yourself and then check out our interior design services in Jaipur.


3. Rattan wardrobe design

Fall in love with outdoors all over again by bringing the elements of woods and gardens into your home. Adding nature’s touch in your wardrobe design is indeed the most trendy wardrobe design that will make your heart flatter. There are plenty of materials that can bring a natural element to your wardrobe. Using materials such as rattan or cane is one the best choices. Rattan is transcending to all aspects of life. Its unique, beautiful, and artistically woven textures now suits and array of styles.

Using rattan or cane will add warmth, texture, and interest to your wardrobe. Adding woven texture with a contrasting colour leads to beautifully arched wardrobe. The best part is that cane wardrobes are durable, trendy and spacious. They are of top quality as well as intriguing designs. They are also light weight and easy to move. In fact they low maintenance as compared to other wardrobe designs. All your wardrobe will need is an occasional polishing and it will shine like a bright penny. Using such practical, lightweight and organic, wicker furniture material in your wardrobe will make a strong mark in modern and contemporary furnishing.

This trend has been mostly used in modular wardrobes in Jaipur.


4. Mirror wardrobe design

For your bedroom furniture, mirrored wardrobes are a high value-added item. In elegant, trendy elegance, not only are they the last word, but they also deliver useful versatility. With this style staple in your house, here's how you can play around. Opting mirror shutters for your wardrobe doors is very advantageous. They bring stunning aesthetics, also suit many decor themes. They go well with contemporary or minimalists themes, while shutters that combine wood and mirrors are more warm and classic. In fact mirrors that are strategically placed make a room appear visually larger, doubling the sense of space. Mirrors also reflect the available light, making the room appear well lit.

The best part about mirror wardrobes is that they provide two in one utility. Along with being wardrobes they can also be used as dressers. Therefore having a mirror right next to your store clothes helps to check out your appearance in selected outfits and accessories.

Mirrors wardrobes are available in various designs such as sliding shutter mirror wardrobe, mirror wardrobes with aluminium frames, two door mirrored wardrobe, parallel mirrored wardrobe, sleek with acrylic panels mirror wardrobe.


So when planning to shift to a new home or re-designing your wardrobe do check out these trends. For these and other trendy wardrobe design ideas you can explore our range of modular wardrobe designs in Jaipur. INDESIGN by Fanusta is your one step destination for all your interior needs.

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