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10 simple kitchen colour combinations that will make your modular kitchen stand out

We have heard people talking about modular kitchens and smart kitchens and how they raise the level of your interior, but one thing that people generally miss out on is the colour combination for modular kitchens, something that can make the interior of your kitchen stand out completely.

Well if you already have a modular kitchen but you feel that the wow factor is missing from it, then it has definitely to do with the colour combination of your modular kitchen. But don’t worry we are here to help you out and reduce your burden to find the best kitchen colour ideas india style.

Kitchen is the most used part of the house and therefore it should be glamorous too. Your positive mind set and intentions are always reflected in the food that you serve. And you must be aware that how much colours regulate your mood, feelings and emotions. Therefore the colour combination of your kitchen in a way will determine your mood which will in turn increase your productivity.

As a result, you should plan modular kitchen interior with upbeat colours that boost productivity and inspire creativity. So we have come up with 10 best colour combinations for kitchen in India so that you enjoy spending time in your kitchen and feel good.

1. Yellow and Grey

Yellow is a cheerful colour that brightens up any space and makes you think of sunshine. In a kitchen like this, no matter how small the space, you can never be bored!
Grey can be used with yellow as it neutralizes the effect and reduce brightness, if desired. If you are someone who love to keep things bright and natural the acrylic shades of yellow and grey is a perfect colour combination for kitchen. This colour combination can be used in various ways, you can either have just the upper cabinets as yellow and lower cabinets as grey or use both the colours in equal proportion by having alternated cabinets one of yellow and one of grey. There are many more ways you can you this one combination and brighten your space. This suits well for parallel and L-shaped modular kitchen.

Indesign by Fanusta Yellow and Grey Kitchen Combination

2. Red, Grey and Green

This trio colour combination is indeed very unique. Out of these three green can be used as the background colour that you might use on the wall. Too much of red with green will make it look odd, so use red minimally such as for the kitchen island, if you have an island modular kitchen design. Grey can then be used for the cabinets. However then go neutral with the elements that you use otherwise it might look very colourful so do not overcrowd it with too many colours. These three colours can best describe an indian kitchen colour combination style. Also these colours are bright they will keep your mood fresh and active too. This colour combination can spike up your cook time. Choosing a bright red colour with grey and green just works the way anybody would want. It displays a very unique quality of staying grounded even after achieving milestones.

Indesign by Fanusta Red and Green Kitchen Colour

3. Neutral Brown and White

Everyone strives to have wholesomeness and stability in their lives. Brown colour attracts warmth and stability that people look for. The combination of brown and white gives a very cozy vibe and a relaxing feel. Make your kitchen look fuss free with this classic brown and white duo. This combination will give earthier feel. If you have an L shaped modular kitchen you can use white granite cooktop and the walls can also be painted with white, add neutral shades of brown for the cabinet and other decor items. Neutral shades of brown combined with white gives a very inviting look to the kitchen. This beautiful fusion of monochrome designs and wooden finishes work best for a modern yet earthy kitchen.

Indesign by Fanusta Brown and White Modular Kitchen

4. Standard white

A complete white look for your modular kitchen can never go wrong. No matter what interior style you have in the rest of your house, what colour theme is there for your other rooms, a standard white kitchen will nail it all. Crisp white gives a clean, contemporary and no-fuss look. Go for a classic standard white kitchen, especially if you are a meticulous cleaner. However, be careful about the material you use, choose materials that are easy to clean and don’t stain easily. An all white look is best for you if you are someone who needs a very peaceful environment while cooking. You can also add marble to this all white look. Marble is one of those magical interior design materials. White marble flooring with white cabinets and colour theme will create a heaven like space, where you would love to spend the most your day.

Indesign by Fanusta White Kitchen

5. Grey and White

Grey and white colour combination modular kitchen is something that works well for simple as well as more for more aesthetic modular kitchen designs. These two colours can create magic when used together. They bring a serene vibe altogether. Grey, being a colour of subtly arouses the emotions of simplicity and, white a colour of serenity, stability, inspiration, wisdom and health is a perfect for a place like kitchen. Different shades of grey can be paired with white and a blend of shades of gre contrasted with white gives a very fresh vibe. Modular kitchen in grey and white colour can be used in different manners. Keep the walls white and cabinets grey, or play with the cabinets to create interesting colour patterns. One way of using grey and white is by keeping the overall structure and cabinets in white and use a shade of grey to add a sense of depth to it. This contrast will give make your space highly appealing.

Indesign by Fanusta Grey and White Kitchen Colour Combination

6. Black and Wood Furnishing

Black is though not considered as a goof colour of the kitchen, but if you are someone who doesn’t believe in these superstitions then you should definitely go for black walls. Nothing can look more bold and classy than black. Black walls and cabinets with wood furnishing is most sophisticated and industrial look, if that’s what your taste demands. With this colour combination for your modular kitchen, try be to be minimalistic in styles and accents that you might use for your kitchen, as black colour speaks for itself. Also wooden tones add a warm, earthy touch to the kitchen. You can also team up the wooden elements with a black countertop for a perfect sleek modular kitchen.

Indesign by Fanusta Wooden Kitchen Combination

7. Green and White

This swill bring a neutral and fresh vibe to your kitchen. The shade of the green can be of your choice, as per the whole theme of your house. The use of bold colours doesn’t mean the entire kitchen has to revolve around that particular hue. A strategic pop of a vibrant colour such as green, somewhere in the space is enough to make it a part of the colour palette, while a neutral colour, such as white maintains a sense of modernity and sophistication. Having the major theme as white and merely backsplash of green and cabinet interior can accomplish this look for your modular kitchen. This is one of the indian kitchen colour scheme as it includes bold colours in the interior.. It seems as if not much is done because both these colours are towards the neutral end of the colour palette but the overall look that it creates is indeed very fresh and natural. Green colour modular kitchens with a blend of white are currently trending in India.

Indesign by Fanusta Green and White Kitchen

8. Purple and White

If you follow a grandmillinneal style, then a little bit of retro touch for your kitchen is a must. You can go retro with a modular kitchen inpurple and white. In fact this colour combination can not only be used for a retro theme but also otherwise. In retro style you can use more of purple and add touches of white for a pleasing yesteryears look. For a look other than retro, you may add equal proportion of purple and white, or more of white and some elements of purple. If you have a gallery design modular kitchen, you can colour the walls and the parallel sides countertop as white and for cabinets you can use purple. This colour combination for your modular kitchen is a very classy choice, having elements of both boldness and neutral tone. Purple and white modular kitchen is a perfect one for modular kitchen designs in India.

Indesign by Fanusta Purple Kitchen

9. Black and Orange

Black and orange makes a very striking and classic colour combination for your modular kitchen. What makes this a perfect combination for your kitchen is the amazing eye catching contrast it create. When offset classic black shade is paired with peppy shades of orange, it makes the kitchen stand out. Vibrant orange coloured cabinets ensure an all-rallied up mood. This combination creates an eccentric look. Have black shades for cabinets with a hint of orange. Painting the ceiling of the kitchen in orange would definitely extend the a modish character of the kitchen. This can also look aesthetic if chosen as a color combination for kitchen furniture.

This colour combination is best for creating a modern look and therefore one of the ideal choice for your modular kitchen.

Indesign by Fanusta Black Orange Kitchen Colours

10. Red and white

Red and white combination has been the all time go to duo for modular kitchens. This combination gives a very dramatic look. If you are not confident enough to go completely red on the cabinets you can go for it only on the lower cabinets on your kitchen. White can be chosen for the walls, back splash and upper cabinets. For a small modular kitchen design, white upper cabinet will make your kitchen look bigger and less loaded. However, if you don’t like the idea of going with different colours for upper and lower cabinets you can choose a muted red for all cabinets for a much uniform look. To ensure that it doesn’t get too overwhelming throw in some white too, for a few drawers or just the backsplash and walls and also add a kitchen trolley with the similar colour shade. A bright colour like red always add vibrant look to the kitchen and as it is mixed up with white it isn’t too loud either. There are many shades of red you can choose from. You can use this colour combination for U shape module kitchen design.

Indesign by Fanusta Red White Kitchens
The above mentioned colour combinations were largely modular kitchen acrylic colour shades. Acrylic colours create a very sleek look for modular kitchen. Apart from the acrylic colour combination, modular kitchen grey colour is also a good option to explore. These are just few of the many colour combinations that you can choose from depending upon the design of your modular kitchen design.
Latest designs of modular kitchen will help you to choose the colour combination that will suit best for your kitchen. Modular Kitchen colour combinations india has very peculiar taste and style. Now you can also choose from a variety of kitchen trolley colour designs and create a contrasting look in the exterior and interior of your cabinets.
So when you think of kitchen, there is an aromatic environment that your visualize. This feeling cannot be attributed only to the food you cook there but the surrounding where you cook. You can therefore choose the best colour combination for your modular kitchen in India to get a similar positive vibe.To ensure a creative and innovative modular kitchen, you can select any of the above Indian modular kitchen colour combination for your modular kitchen. You should look for Indian kitchen wall colour combinations too create an overall fascinating interior of your modular kitchen.
For more clarity you can also see how we have designed the modular kitchens in different parts of India such as modular kitchen in Jaipur, modular kitchen in Noida, modular kitchen in Raipur and many more places.

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