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West facing house: Vastu tips and its importance

India is one of those nation where people very strongly associate themselves with astrology and believe that astrology has a great role to play in an individual’s life and when it comes to housing, Vastu plays a major role in deciding a lot of interior and the designing of the overall house such as the main door of the house as per the vastu, the position of pooja room, the facing of kitchen and so on. If the principles of vastu are followed, west facing house can bring prosperity and make it an auspicious space.

So we’ll tell you everything about the benefits of west facing house and how to go about designing your house plan as per vastu west facing and choosing plots or apartments accordingly.

So basically a west facing house plans per vastu is the one where the main door faces west. Many people wonder is west facing house good? Be it north, south, east or west are considered auspicious as long as the principles are followed. It’s not the house facing vastu that matters but the position of the main door or the entrance doors that matters. Whether you want a west facing flat vastu plan or bunglow vastu plan west facing, these simple tips will help you in all.


West facing main door-

As the definition of west house clearly points out that the entrance door of west facing houses is directed towards the west. Since the main entrance is the most vital point of any house as it is the energy point of all the energies around the house. The placement is therefore the deciding factor of what energy west entrance vastu brings inside the home from the outer world. Therefore following the principles for home entrance west facing is important. One of the most significant home entrance vastu tips for a west facing house is the placement of the main door or entrance. The correct placement of the west facing main door vastu is very important to consider while making plans for a west facing house Vastu. The entrance door of west facing house should be positioned in 3, 4, 5 or 6 segments to reap the benefits As the thing that makes or breaks the vastu is the main door position for west facing house.

According to vastu for west facing house plan, main door is placed at the mid-western or northern part of your home. It is appropriate to design metalwork on your west facing door vastu. It can be in the form of a metal name board or a metallic bell. Do not keep any broken piece or furniture in front of the door of your house facing west vastu .

It will be better it the direction of the entrance door of the west facing house is slightly towards the north-west corner or in the middle. The entrance in the West face can be extremely positive and bring in huge financial success according to west facing house vastu shastra. In vastu home entrance plays an important role while deciding the entire layout of the house.

West facing house design as per vastu-

Regardless of whether they are auspicious or not, most people consider Vastu Shastra rules when constructing a home or purchasing a new property. As we have seen that according to the vastu for apartments facing west can have its benefits too so now let’s see some vastu tips for west facing house plan

The colour scheme

The ideal colours in a west facing house vastu plan are white, silver, yellow and beige. The fact that they are neutral tones, make them perfect for the households that want to bring in positive energy coming from the west for their west facing apartments. You can also go for light blue shade if your house is directed more towards the west direction to get even more benefits. Other shades can be off-white and cream shade since these are neutral colours.

Pooja room for west facing homes

Pooja room is the main source of all the godly energies in your house. It is the most important part of Indian households. In the west facing house vastu plan with pooja room it should be in the north-east direction of the house as it is the most propitious corner. Pooja room vastu for west facing house mentions the best place is in the west so that the idols of god faces towards to east, this concept is also replicated in most of the temples.

Rooms in the west-facing house

There are certain rules to be followed for each room of vastu house facing west should follow to overshadow the negatives of a west-facing house. Such as, according to the vastu Shastra the children’s room be planned in a south, west, or north-west areas, the guest room in the north-west, vastu for west-facing house also states that the master bedroom should be preferred in a south-west direction. Since bedroom is the place that gives you the restful sleep that serves as a battery for you to carry out your everyday tasks, it’s necessary to ensure that it’s perfectly aligned as the rules of the vast Shastra of the west-facing house.

Kitchen as per vastu

the kitchen as per vastu for west facing house should not be in the south-western part of the house but rather placed in a south east or north west part of the house and the cook top facing towards the east because it is best to face east while cooking. Kitchen in west direction is not considered a good option as well. If you live in a multi-storeyed house, make sure to avoid placing the kitchen directly under or over the bathroom. As per the vastu the kitchen shouldn’t be under or over the pooja room, bedroom or toilet.

Staircase of west facing house-

one of the crucial question regarding the west facing houses is the best vastu placement for staircase in west facing house. Both internal as well as external staircases should follow the principles of vastu. In a west facing house the staircase should never be placed in the North East corner of the house. That’s because the North East corner of the house represents head of the Vastu Purush in any building. Also the placement of staircase in the North side of the house is also prohibited. Vastu says that South, South West and West are the best directions for placing the staircase. One should also keep in mind the direction in which the staircase run from up to down. The staircase of the west facing house should be made anti-clockwise if it is placed in South West, South and West side of the house, and made clockwise if they are placed in the South of the South west.

Therefore the direction of the staircase should be decided according to the zone where it is placed.

The location of septic tank as per Vastu –

a septic tank is where all the waste of a house is accumulated. Therefore, it is a place of extreme negative energies and should be correctly placed as per Vastu Shastra rules. This is also the case with the placement of toilets and bathrooms. A septic tank should not be placed in the North-east or North-west direction as it can create a lot of financial problems and lead to blockage of money and opportunities. Therefore in a west facing house septic tank should be placed in the front side in the West of the North West zone.

The ideal place for a septic tank in a West facing house is the South of South West (SSW) or the North of North west zones.

Benefits of west facing house

• West facing house vastu benefits includes the warmth and glow of the evening sun until late hours and therefore bringing more warmth and prosperity.
• Designing your west facing house plans per vastu also makes the individual more popular at work and in social situation, especially when your house is west facing. It is also supported for youngsters as it brings energy and enjoyment.
• According to vastu house facing west have been proven to be prosperous for people who are socially more active. Even though every house that complies that vastu principles is good but one should make sure that its suitable as per their needs. The astrology and nature of job plays a significant role in the same. As per vastu for west facing plot, it is beneficial for some specific professions such as teachers, politicians, teachers, religious leaders, businessmen, doctors, social workers.
• There is a vastu myth that west-facing houses are inauspicious, but that is not true. According to the vastu principles west brings monetary profits if we choose right Pada at the time of construction.
• Japanese home design philosophies believe that houses that have west-facing doors have a sense of youth and ebullience.
• West facing- houses get cooler during the evenings after the sunset and remains so till around afternoon. Therefore it is an ideal choice to make bedrooms in front side of the west facing house.


Vastu tips for west facing house –

since west facing house are considered auspicious, here are some tips which according to the vastu can bring joy and happiness even in apartments that are west facing.

• The west direction is considered good for dining room, children’s room, washrooms and study room. So if your flat is west-facing do take advantage of it and keep atleast these rooms in the western facing direction according to the vastu.
• In India we also attach religious sentiments to plants and nature therefore it is considered beneficial to have some plants in your west facing apartments and another benefit of doing so is that since your house is west facing your plants will receive more sunlight. Some of the plants that will flourish in your west facing gardens are Tulsi, Roses and Daffodils.
• The walls in the south and the west of the west facing apartment or flat should be thicker and higher than the walls in the east and north.
• A plot that slopes from south to north is considered to be lucky.
• Vastu Shastra also provides directions for buying plots. Vastu says that never obtain a plot or flat that has an extension in the south or southwest corners. The second is to avoid buying a plot that is higher in the north than in the south.
• A west facing house may or may not suit everybody. A good way to choose our house is to base your decision on the purpose of buying the property as well as the business of the resident. A west facing house is in fact best for people involved in businesses related to trading.
• Since the west direction is related to planet Saturn, therefore a west facing house is a perfect choice for people in the fields of manufacturing, oil and gas, iron and steel, mining, agriculture etc.
• It is also important to select the best location for a septic tank as per Vastu.

You can also follow some of this for west facing shop vastu as the west direction vastu are applied to all types of plots and spaces. You can also create an auspicious west facing flat following the west facing house vastu plan. For more such inquiries or tips you can ask us through mail.

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